Diversity & Inclusion

Why Diversity and Inclusion?

Many organizations are turning their focus to Diversity and Inclusion. Why are you?   Do you want to drive higher performance through effective D&I?  Are your clients or investors demanding you employ a more diverse workforce? Are you looking for a more vibrant workplace?  Do you want to reduce employee turnover and associated costs?  Are you in a battle for the best and brightest talent?

How do you solve for Diversity & Inclusion?

The first step is analyzing your workforce demographics and measuring perceptions of diversity and inclusion in your workplace.   Understanding both your degree of diversity and inclusion will allow you as an employer to make better recruitment and advancement decisions.   eemerge will guide you through best practices, help you understand the findings and we will help you build a Diversity and Inclusion roadmap that meets the needs of your organization.

Your Diversity & Inclusion Roadmap

Once your opportunities to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce are identified, eemerge will create your D&I roadmap with priorities, actions, owners, and outcomes identified. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.  Your culture, organization structure, and current initiatives will all be considered. We look at every stage of your employee lifecycle when solving for both diversity and inclusion.  Your roadmap will focus on what is most important to your organization and will provide you with a multi year project plan with actions and key stakeholders.

Best Practices

eemerge will guide you through the process of identifying gaps in your workforce demographics and opportunities for a more inclusive workforce.   Leveraging our strong background in employee analytics and surveys as well as best practices in diversity and inclusion programs, policies and initiatives, eemerge will recommend high initiatives when and where you need them. We do not look at D&I in insolation.  Rather we look at your whole organization from how your organization is led and managed to your programs and policies.

Only the Solutions You Need

eemerge provides Diversity & Inclusion solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries.  We provide solutions that sustain your D&I efforts by understanding and leveraging your unique business culture.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Surveys
  • Demographic Surveys
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Existing D&I Program and Policies Review
  • D&I Reporting and Analysis
  • D&I Policies to address Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement
  • D&I Focus Groups
  • D&I Roadmaps
  • D&I Education (Train to Retain Manager program and D&I Awareness)