Diversity & Inclusion

The business case is strong to drive higher performance through effective D&I.  A diverse group of employees that work in an inclusive environment results in diversity of approach and ideas as well as a vibrant workplace.  Solving for both diversity and inclusion requires every stage of the employee lifecycle to be examined.  Simply solving for one stage in insolation such as recruitment will not solve the whole problem.

Understanding your workforce demographics through systematic analysis and measuring perceptions of diversity and inclusion is an important first step to building your D&I roadmap.  Identifying gaps in your workforce demographics and in your employee lifecycle experience will lead to valuable initiatives when and where they are needed.

Once opportunities to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce are identified, a D&I roadmap can be created with priorities, actions, owners, and outcomes identified. One-size-fits-all solutions and roadmaps do not work well.  Individual cultures, organization structures, and current initiatives should all be considered. Programs and policies are important, but the success of any D&I initiative will be influenced by how your organization is led and managed.

Eemerge provides Diversity & Inclusion solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries.  We provide solutions that sustain your D&I efforts by taking an employee lifecycle approach to solving for diversity and inclusion

  • Diversity and Inclusion Surveys
  • Demographic Surveys
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Existing D&I Program and Policies Review
  • D&I Reporting and Analysis
  • D&I Policies to address Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement
  • D&I Focus Groups
  • D&I Roadmaps
  • D&I Education (Train to Retain Manager program and D&I Awareness)