How engaged are your employees?

Introducing the next generation of employee engagement research. eemerge improves upon traditional employee engagement surveys with a different approach that is better for employees and employers. eemerge surveys employees throughout the employee lifecycle at critical milestones.  Ongoing employee feedback is combined with relevant business KPIs, workforce demographics,  performance reviews, key events and other data. The merging of data helps business leaders see the whole picture and stay close to the pulse of their organizations with better analysis, insights and advice.

Our online or mobile questionnaires are designed to be brief, asking only a few relevant questions at key points during employment. This allows companies to either eliminate the annual burden imposed on employees of a lengthy survey or augment an annual or bi-annual survey with a deeper dive that makes sense for the surveyed employees.

Altogether, eemerge is a better way to gather and analyze employee data – for employers and employees.