What actions will keep your employees engaged? When?

Take an important step into “Human Capital Analytics”.

Our innovative approach to employment lifecycle monitoring, provides the ideal solution for organizations to understand how to best attract, assess, onboard, develop, engage and motivate employees. The eemerge lifecycle survey platform, allows employers to break away from traditional point-in-time employee surveys. Instead, by gathering feedback at critical points throughout the lifecycle of employment, and integrating other data sources, a steady flow of ongoing reporting is achieved. Altogether, organizations adopting this progressive new approach will gain insights to how significant changes and events impact the productivity of people.

With employee lifecycle analysis, you will be able to focus on the challenges and opportunities that are important to your organization – and take positive action to engage and retain employees at the right times during an employee’s tenure.

The eemerge approach produces unique analyses that explain what can be improved at each phase of the company’s employee lifecycle – including attract, onboard, develop, engage, promote, and exit.

What if you could gather employee feedback at times that matter?

Put your new employee lifecycle program in motion. Our questionnaires are design to be very brief and conveniently completed via desktop or mobile device. By using the eemerge platform to gather employee feedback at key points in your organization’s employment lifecycle, you will answer questions about how to improve the way you attract, onboard, develop, engage and retain talent.

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