How well do you invest in your workforce?

Imagine having access to “human capital statements” for your organization – similar to your financial statements.  Statements that provide a view of how productively your workforce is performing at any given time.  Facts to answer, how well you have invested in people and successfully retained them?  Snapshots to indicate how engaged and motivated your people are, and how these metrics are trending?

What if you could have this information monthly, so you always have the pulse of your organization?  Just like you do from a financial perspective.  eemerge analytics provides insights to highlight attraction, retention, development, and other HR and business challenges. Combining our innovative approach and technology with our extensive human capital knowledge and experience, your employee data is collected, measured, and analyzed to help you make better business decisions.

How well are you utilizing data you already have?

eemerge brings your data to life, by integrating the wealth of information you already have with new and valuable sources of employee feedback. The net result is a complete story of how your organization is performing as an employer. Furthermore, the analysis will point to actions that can be taken to improve how you attract, assess, onboard, develop, engage and retain employees.

Where should you focus your efforts to be a better employer?

Better Analysis and InsightFor years HR functions have been asked to deliver business metrics that tell a story about how well their organizations are attracting, onboarding, developing, engaging and retaining employees.  Our eemerge solution provides a platform to meet this need.