What is your story?

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eemerge is a consulting and employee analytics firm that is passionate about helping your business thrive through employee diversity, inclusivity and productivity.  We work as your partner to inspire, measure, champion and enable the growth and transformation of your people.  Why eemerge?  Our boutique firm focused on the productivity of employees and employers.

We want to help you make informed decisions on your business and employee priorities, gaps, and opportunities.   Our approach is simple.  Measure, analyze and solve.

We believe that data is important.  With the right data, better financial and strategic decisions can be made, and more valuable plans and programs established creating a greater impact to your employees and business.    We help you understand your baseline through employee surveys, focus groups, as well as examining the data you have already collected.  What gets measured, gets done.

By leveraging our employee analytics capabilities, we enable you to pinpoint and address important priorities in areas such as diversity and inclusion as well as recruitment, attraction, retention, and productivity.

Once we understand your gaps, opportunities, and priorities we can help you build a roadmap.   We share our knowledge of best practices in equality, diversity, and inclusion to ensure your approach is impactful and valuable.

Through measurement, analysis, plan implementation, and workforce consulting; eemerge will position your organization for success by maximizing the potential of your employees.